Modlium Offers Complete Protection For Instagram Through Detection Of Illegal And Inappropriate Comments, Spam, Trolls, And Erasing Them Almost Instantly. More

Is there anything more annoying than the huge amount of spambots commenting on your Instagram posts?

It takes ages to remove these bots manually time after time again.

Meet Modlium!

Modlium’s Smart Moderation works 24/7 to protect your Instagram with Artificial Intelligence to analyze and detect inappropriate comments.

The platform can also automatically remove the comments (soon) or you can remove them in bulk directly from Modlium.

You just simply set it, and forget it!

Best AI Comment Moderation App For Instagram

Connect your Instagram social profiles with a single click. No complex integration required.

You can get started in three different steps. Simply sign-up, connect your Instagram account and activate the automated comment moderation.

All of this takes less than a minute!

Monitor, Filter And Auto-Hide Comments On Autopilot

Monitor all comments on autopilot. No reason to worry about missing a comment! Modlium runs 24/7 comment listening in real-time.

The AI will detect illegal comments, profanity and abusive language, spam, trolls, etc. No profanity blacklist needed!

The sophisticated natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to detect toxic comments.

After that, inappropriate comments can be removed or hidden within the minute that they are posted.

Modlium Is Your 24/7 Comment Moderation Assistant For Social Media Protection

You can even personalize and teach the algorithm what keywords and comments to ‘flag’ and what comments to approve, helping Modlium to understand what is inappropriate and what is not for you.