Analyzing how much time employees spend on which program and guiding them in the right way. Preventing information leakage Increasing productivity and detecting slackers. More

Do you want to increase the productivity of your company, your team?

Monitup helps teams see how they are spending time – and where time can be spent better.

When more companies have more team members working remotely, Monitup helps drive productivity and helps remote teams hold themselves accountable.

Our simple tool runs in the background and generates logs based on application usage.

You can use the MonitUp software on your Windows computers. Since it consumes very little resources, it does not cause any slowdown or excessive resource consumption on your computer.

You can optional screenshots, app and URL tracking.

Group applications by type “productive” vs “non-productive” or neutral.

Examine key processes – such as open and close times – to create a rich dashboard that gives a birds eye view on productivity metrics for your team, as well as spotting problems before they get out of control.