This tool helps you to keep track of business lists, keyword lists, as well as collect reviews and generate leads. More

myPresences is the perfect tool for local businesses and agency owners who want to dominate their online real estate.

The platform packs a real punch! 👊

You can monitor your business listings on any of the 2,000+ services it integrates with, get reviewstrack a few keywords your site ranks for and even do some much needed lead generation for your business.

Let me show you how it works:

Just simply enter your business details and industry, and in just a few moments you’ll see where your business is and where it should be listed online.

You’ll also see anywhere your listings can be improved by making them more accurate, complete and consistent.

myPresences comes packed with analytics that show you where you have an online presence

If any of your details are different across the different listings, myPresences will highlight this so you can make the necessary changes…

This is crucial for your local SEO efforts as Google puts a high value on NAP (Name, Address and Phone) and will punish your rankings if you’re not providing the correct information to its users.

Getting new reviews is super easy

Select email or SMS/text. Create a template. Add your contacts and you’re golden 😎

myPresences automatically monitors your ratings and reviews on 100+ review services and notifies you when you receive a new review or your rating changes.

Brag… sorry, display beautiful widget reviews on your website with unlimited views! 😍

Choose whether you want to display your reviews as a list, carousel, in a grid or even as popups (bit Endorsal-like? 🤔)

As an added bonus, you can track up to 20 keywords per location/business on Google Search, Google Maps, Bing Organic and Bing Local.

Here’s the unique proposition though…

myPresences will show rankings for your business’s presences, not just your website

So if for example, you have a Yelp or any other listings ranking better than your website, you’ll be able to see that and have a better idea of how well you rank for that specific keyword.

As far as we know, this feature is not available anywhere else, not even in the major SEO tools as they don’t monitor presences.