Netscan is efficient uptime and performance monitoring, with highly customizable and rapid status pages. It is the perfect solution for quickly monitoring uptime and performance. More

Netscan is the perfect solution for quickly monitoring uptime and performance.

With this tool, you have the flexibility you need to customize domains and receive alerts if your system experiences any downtime.

All this power comes with the bonus of having analytics included in each status page Netscan hosts. Netscan currently boasts 399,947 checks for a total of 87 monitors, 19 active status pages, and counting!

It is the perfect tool for companies looking to stay abreast of their online performance in real time.

Great Features!

Monitors: You can easily track the availability of your websites, servers, and ports.

Heartbeats: Keep track of your Cron jobs and ensure they remain active.

Status Pages: Be open and honest with your visitors, and present your monitor statistics elegantly.

Incidents: Learn when and for how long your monitors were unavailable and receive quick email updates.

Multiple locations: Netscan monitors your devices from all over the globe.

Notifications via email: receive quick updates when the status of your tracked services changes.

Projects: the simplest method for categorizing your managed resources.

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