Netumo is a domain tracking and 24 X 7 website uptime monitor to manage all your domains and websites from one location. More

You purchase domains for your business, and over time you won’t be able to keep track of each one of them, especially when they are with different registrars.

Things may get complicated quickly when you are managing your clients’ domains & their websites too.

Introducing Netumo.

Netumo is a powerful domain tracking & website uptime monitoring tool that reports you and provides all the tools you need from one location.

Uptime monitoring is easy and simple

From the Dashboard, you will have an eagle’s eye view of all your websites, domains, certificates, and hosts.

You can check the availability of your websites (the more sites you integrate, more the merrier your chart looks), recent failures with date & time, and the website response time.

Netumo also notifies you about the expiration of your domain names and certificates in the “Upcoming Renewals” section.

Don’t worry! Even if you missed this section, you will receive several email notifications before the expiration date)

How does it work?

Once you add a new domain, Netumo will automatically pull the details of registrar, registration & expiry date. You can see such details for all the domains under the “Domain Names” section.

​​You can set the type of notification you want to receive (Email, SMS, Slack, Telegram, Microsoft Teams, Twitter notifications) and the no. of days before you want to receive notifications.

The “Search” functionality helps you easily pick a domain from the list for which you need to check the status.

You can bulk upload the domain names as “CSV” using the import function and you can also export the status of all the domains as a spreadsheet file.

Simple and advanced monitoring options

In the Websites/Hosts section, you will find simple and advanced monitoring options. You can easily add your website by entering the name of your website, group (just for classification), protocol and URL.

Take care of the important areas including Frequency, SSL Certificate Notifications, adding the HTML code to match (notifies you if it doesn’t match during failure), type of notification you want to receive, frequency of the notification, opting for success notification, etc. while creating the website monitor.

Just like domain names, you can upload websites in bulk as a csv file with URLs and configure monitoring with custom notifications.

Get complete analytics of all your and your client websites/domains including the uptime, response time, status codes per day, etc. over a period of time under the Reports.

You also have additional tools to find out the page source, country of IP address, WHOIS, NS Look-up, and website speed test.

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