Nirvana automates away all the effort your team is putting into sprint planning, scheduling and issue tracking. Expect to spend 85% less time planning and to get 50% more time to build. More

Did we commit to an impossible deadline? Can we squeeze one more feature into our sprint? How will this bug impact our plans?

Unlike Issue Trackers, Nirvana answers all these questions and so many more. Take a look at this short list of major differences.

The world’s most Intelligent Calendar

Focus only on the most critical tasks every single day. Nirvana uses your personal preferences and your team’s priorities to plan your day, everyday.

Powerful Commands Planning is now 10x easier

Nirvana’s Commands can do more than just navigate. Type out a one-liner, and Nirvana will create a task and schedule it.

Type another, and it’ll record your day off, free you up for the day, and update all future plans.

Alignment and Agility Nirvana aligns team calendars with Business Priorities

Nirvana’s algorithms guarantee Alignment and Agility. They directly connect your business goals with your team’s most valuable resource β€” its time.

In the below example, 4 features with 37 tasks are being planned for 9 people. With Nirvana, it’s just as easy to create alignment among 100s of people with 1000s of tasks.

Instant Predictions Nirvana always finds the fastest possible timeline

Get instant, precise predictions about delivery timelines as you change your inputs. Just allocate work and take maximum velocity for granted.

Cross-Team Alignment Nirvana makes time for smooth handovers

Define your process and set up usual handovers with our templates just once.

After that, Nirvana will ensure that work flows according to your process from one person to the next many times over, every single time.

Meet Every Single Deadline Nirvana predicts delays for you

Nirvana keeps track of progress in real time, and updates schedules automatically every day.

You will always know if that important feature is running behind schedule, with enough time to react and ship on time, everytime.

High Performance

Issue trackers are distracting. They reduce agility and team performance by making your team do all the hard work.Β Nirvana guarantees results.

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