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Using NotificationX social proofing marketing solution, grab visitors’ attention, build Instant credibility and increase business growth. More

Using NotificationX social proofing marketing solution:

  • Grab Visitors’ Attention: Show users recent customer activity & get noticed.
  • Build Instant Credibility: Gain their trusts using Social Proof & create urgency.
  • Increase Business Growth: More than 20% increase in sales & engagement rates.

Honest Marketing To Grow Your Business​

Unique ways to influence the purchase decision & convert your visitors into paying customers.

  • Sales Alert

Easily gain trust from website visitor by showing who else also purchasing your product.

  • Blog Engagement

Quickly get exposure and readers to your blog posts by showing the recent comments.

  • WordPress Review

Showcase your Plugin/Theme reviews from & build credibility.

  • WordPress Download Count

Display how many people have downloaded your product from recently.

  • Email Subscriptions

Encourage your users to subscribe in your newsletter by showcasing who else also just signed up.

  • Notification Bar

Let the visitors know about your special offers, deals, announcement, etc. with a call to action.

Unlimited Notifications & Super Easy Setup

Turn your WordPress website into leads & sales-generating machine within 5 minutes.


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