Odus.ai is an AI-based conversational platform for messengers, voice assistants, sites, any devices, and apps. More

Are you already using bots but still struggle with the A.I.?

Or, are you new to Chatbots and don’t want to spend much on using different bot services for various platforms and apps?

You don’t have to worry anymore – because voice and speech interfaces are no longer the future, but the reality!

Meet Odus, an AI-based service to help marketers with support & sales automation with chatbots using dialogue contextualization technology.

You’re always in control as you can take over any conversation with Live-Chat at any time.

Quick Features

  • Chat Like A Human: Create any scripts visually. You don’t need to add many questions! Create a branched dialog.
  • Just use the context of the current story and teach your bots to communicate like a human.
  • Communicate Freely – Odus understands natural speech (NLU) and defines your intention.
  • Automate Sales – Odus will answer questions, find the right product for the customer and places an order.
  • Forget About Email – 10x More Effective Than Email – Instant Messenger open rates are 85% compared to Emails at 20%.
  • Broadcast – Send messages by segment, schedule by time or date.
    Immediately on all channels.
  • Omnichannel – Works with all of your favorite apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp (no extra costs), Telegram, Viber, and more on the way.

And much more…

P.S. All bots you create will be actively learning from the inputs! ❀️

Digital Marketing becomes personal because, with Odus, business owners get higher rates of retention, engagement, and coverage.

It’s a smart assistant with AI to automate customer service and sales in chats.

Get the Odus Lifetime Deal today!

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