Ohmylead allows you to track all the campaign performance metrics in one place and identify the best-performing campaigns and which ones deliver the highest ROI. More

When your leads come in, do they ALL go to your CRM, or all to your ESP, or do you contact them all personally?

Leads should NOT all go to one place – leads are not all the same. Some leads are ready to buy now, and others are not.

With Ohmylead, your leads come into the platform from your usual sources (FB, webform, WordPress, LP…).

They are all right there for you to see and assess.

You’ll receive a lead alert for each new lead incoming

The system allows you to have a lead enrichment and scoring for them, a way to verify email addresses & phone numbers.

Once in OML, they can be automatically dispatched to the most appropriate system according to their qualification maturity – for example – your ESP (for nurturing, if you can’t close them in the short term), or your CRM (if you want to hand work them by sales staff while they are hot).

That way you’ll have in your CRM, for your sales rep, only highly qualified leads.

Easily manage, qualify and nurture your leads in one place

Ohmylead also sends them an email, according to your own templates to keep them warm until your followup takes place in other systems.

In short, this is like air traffic control for your leads – it makes sure that no leads fall through the cracks and they get the most appropriate immediate response, in an automatic way.

Plus we wanted to create web forms and landing page builder to go quicker in the total process of generating leads and process them.

Ohmylead helps lead generators to reorient their lead gen investment in real time by determining which sources generate the most qualified lead. The fact to connect your lead sources together let you measure your ROI.

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