Olvy is a beautiful and effective tool to announce new features. It lets you focus on what’s important – staying close to your customers. More

Market all about your product’s new features and updates on your website easily within your Widgets or on a separate Standalone Page. Increase user engagements and new feature adoption by keeping your customers up-to-date.

This not only helps build more team credibility but also helps with organic product marketing through SERPs.

Meet Olvy

Announce new features with beautiful and effective in-app widget and standalone page and see release feedback turn into insights

Olvy is a release notes tool that allows you to add a “What’s New” widget to your application without any engineering bandwidth. Just sign up, drop in its script, and you’re good to go.

Get Your Users’ Attention

Magically engage your visitors with eye-catching in-app notification widgets.

Multiple Widget Styles

Choose from multiple widget styles and variations like sidebar, modal, and embed style. Or have a post open by clicking the widget and make the style compact to make it easier for the users to get a glance at the updates.

Easy To install

Start working with Olvy in just a few seconds by adding Olvy’s embed script in your code.

Get Feedback and Reactions Right From The Widgets

See what people think about your latest updates with user feedback from reactions and comments.

All Your Releases In One Place

Make it easy for your users to browse your past feature updates at their leisure by hosting them on a dedicated site.

Allow Users To Filter Categories and Projects

Create dedicated categories/projects for different releases through Olvy’s dashboard to help your users consume your releases better.

Customize Yor Domain, Site, and Branding

Make the release note page follow your branding with a custom domain and Olvy’s advanced appearance settings.

Search Engine Ready Pages To Drive Organic Users

Get predefined fields that you can fill in to take care of your custom SEO requirements.

Consolidated Dashboard

Analyze how your releases are doing by saying the overall performance in your dashboard.