Ora 3 is an all-in-one platform featuring project management, team chat, time tracking, and reporting.

It’s time to finally get your projects in order, you say as you open up another management tool while checking your chat app during a video call. (“I could take this balancing act to Vegas.”)

Somehow all the tools meant to make your life simpler are only making things more complicated.

Looking for a complete platform for daily to-dos, time tracking, chatting, and project management?

Ora 3 is on deck.

Ditch your work chat app and get it bundled with all your project management straight out of the box.

Ora 3 lets you create channels for any topic, collaborate with partners, and add your clients to a channel for easy communication.

You can also use voice and video chat up to 15 people, with the option to share your screen for streamlined conversations.

You can easily manage projects with quick scheduling and simple filters

Make sure time is on your side with Ora 3’s time tracking.

Use task timers to keep people focused and gamify work, with the option to track the time spent for the whole team.

Digging through all your single-use work tools is more frustrating than trying to match your socks on laundry day. (“The gnomes that steal my socks have moved onto important work files.”)

Make things easier for yourself and your team.

Ora 3 combines project management, time tracking, video chats, team communication, and much more into one comprehensive platform.