Oviond is a customizable digital platform that combines and organizes all of your marketing data into useful insights and automated reports. More

Whether you manage your own brand or your clients’ brands, you know just how important online marketing is, right?

The thing is that with online marketing comes a lot of marketing data… and I mean a LOT!

Now, without marketing data insights and important metrics, you’ll just be flying blind, and that ain’t good unless you’re like the kid next door who seems to love faceplanting every week…

So what if you could have a centralized dashboard where all your important marketing data is neatly organized and it can easily be shared with your clients/team members?

Would that make life a little easier?

Introducing Oviond!

Oviond is the analytics dashboard and reporting tool you know you need, but there hasn’t been a lifetime deal for you to buy one in a looooong time so you just keep putting it off…

Well, that ends today!

In a day and age where data-driven decisions are crucial and dashboard reporting is often expected by clients, having a solution to this problem is not just a novelty but almost a necessity.

Manage multiple brands or clients? Not a problem! Oviond keeps all your projects accessible from one place.

With Oviond you can kiss goodbye complex dashboards that just give you extra work… like you need extra work managing Mr Grumpy… I mean Mr Johnson!

Preset templates help you set-up dashboards more quickly, and what’s even more, you can edit and save your own templates that can then be deployed across different Projects.

Client report templates arrive by the end of the week (due to revamped UI having been deployed recently), but Dashboard and Integrations templates are ready for you to use now!

Want to look even more professional to your clients? Share up-to-date, live dashboards with your clients and team members through sharable links… no need for them to log in.

Notifications (coming end of November) help you stay in the loop when goals are reached or budgets go over/under your targeted spend.

Do you charge clients based on the percentage of ad usage they spend?

Oviond’s Media Markup feature allows you to report all-inclusive values, that is, what the ad cost was + your percentage markup.

The time you spend compiling your marketing data is time you could spend actually marketing your product (or looking at celebrity face swaps—the Internet is wonderful that way).

Oviond gives you the whole digital marketing picture, so you can step back and fine-tune your strategy.

With cross-channel integrations and automated reports, it’s a must-have for anyone serious about their products and clients.

Get the Oviond Lifetime Deal today!

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