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Email is an indispensable tool – but it’s also a huge productivity drain.

If you’re trying to focus and get work done, receiving repetitive notification emails can quickly develop into a distracting habit.

Every time you receive an email, optimal productivity is lost, and it becomes harder to refocus on what you were doing because of a thing called “random intermittent reinforcement”.

Paced Email lets you bundle emails into a single digest, so your productivity doesn’t take a hit with every new email in your inbox.

You can generate burner email addresses to hide your real identity from companies that want to track your activity for targeted ads.

As an added bonus, messages sent to your burner email can be forwarded to your primary email address whenever you want.

A crowded inbox doesn’t help you stay focused on the tasks that matter. (“I’m deleting my whole inbox. If you really need me, you’ll find a way.”)

Paced Email helps you schedule inbound emails with email digests and create email aliases to protect your privacy online.

Say goodbye to your distracting inbox with Paced Email.

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