Papermind is a collaborative wiki and document management platform for Slack. It solves the problem of managing all of your long form content. More

You may currently store documents in Google Drive and store your media in places like Dropbox, YouTube, etc.

Papermind enables you to store all of this natively on your desktop and seamlessly integrate within your Slack workspace.

As a native desktop app for Mac, Windows, and Linux,Β Papermind blends with your existing workflow processes by natively integrating with Slack on your desktop.

This allows your team to share and promote articles and documents from Papermind within Slack.

The ideal customer for Papermind is any existing Slack team who is looking for a desktop environment for creating and managing long-form content, documentation, internal knowledge base, research, guides, etc.

Papermind removes the ‘spaghetti’ of storing links to 3rd party documents, files, and media in Slack channels, and elegantly manages this content on your desktop right next to Slack.

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