PhotoScissors provides a quick and easy way to remove the background from your images, using AI algorithms to remove the background completely and automatically. More

PhotoScissors is now better than ever! Ever want to put your friend’s head on an elephant’s body? Not for real, mind you (That’d be, well, pretty weird.)

Just with some fun photo manipulation. Or perhaps you want to cut out a specific item from a photo to use as a product image on your own site or eBay listing.

No matter what the reason, doing that kind of photo editing is certainly possible with programs like Photoshop, but it can be quite complicated and time-consuming.

Thankfully, there’s a much easier and faster solution.

PhotoScissors is perfect even for beginners. This incredible app is fast, simple and with just a few mouse clicks, you can have a beautiful cutout image in under two minutes.

It works on any image size and can handle even the toughest, most complex backgrounds you toss at it.

Easily Remove Any Background

Unless you’re an experienced designer with years of Photoshop skills behind you, it can be nearly impossible to try cropping out specific backgrounds in photos. Heck, even if you’re a Photoshop master, it may be easy but it’s certainly time-consuming.

PhotoScissors V6 presents a new way to remove background, now using AI algorithms to remove background fully, automatically.

Remove Background Around Hair 

PhotoScissors easily handles complex semi-transparent objects like hair and allows you to get rid of the background of such pictures as easily as with any other scene.

While in other tools you have to deal with hair literally pixel by pixel, with PhotoScissors, you save hours because the Magic Marker tool efficiently deals with transparent objects too.

Remove Background from Transparent Objects 

In the real world, some objects are transparent. And removing backgrounds from photos with such objects in them is a pain.

But with PhotoScissors, you can effortlessly change one background to another thanks to the transparent marker tool that denotes areas that should retain both foreground and background textures.

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