Picter is a tool for teams to organize, review, approve, and share creative assets with team members and clients. More

Trying to gather helpful design feedback by digging through emails, Slack threads, and voice memos is a recipe for failure. (That and hitting “snooze” on your alarm the third time.)

With too many cooks using too many tools, all your suggestions are tough to track and don’t always translate to the actual visual content.

Ditch the spreadsheets and email chains for a centralized platform that lets collaborators review and approve designs with ease.

Meet Picter.

Gone are the days of battling with multiple tools to manage and review your visual assets. (You put up a good fight, Google Sheets.)

Picter helps teams organize all their visual assets in one centralized place where they can share visual content with team members and clients.

This simplifies the review, feedback, approval, and delivery processes by eliminating the need to sift through different tools and communications to compile feedback.

Picter saves hours of your time by giving you a clean way to organize visual assets and keep the review process in one location.