This tool allows you to create your unique personalized narrative and send a Single Unique Personalized Link to your prospects for more engagement More

To create one generic sales pitch, you have to use several tools. To get one conversion, you need to either meet your potential clients multiple times or send multiple sales pitches to them but this can create friction in your client relationship. This will get difficult when you have more than 1 client!

No matter how cold or warm your prospects are, when there are too many documents, collaterals, and presentations involved, you need to carefully take one step at a time. You need to understand how much involved they are in your pitches, how can you make the buying process easy for them and shortening the conversion cycle period between you and your client.

Client conversions should be a smooth process for you and your sales team and we want to make it as easy it gets.

What Is Pitch.Link and How It Will Solve Your Problems?

Pitch.Link lets you make your best sales pitch to prospects and clients without having to meet them in person. It allows you to make a sales pitch as good as an across-the-table meeting and send it to the client as a single link that includes all supporting documents.

All ongoing conversations can also be carried out in the same interface accessed through that single link. Now you can deliver sales pitches that never deviate from scripts and is available on the cloud, so the client can access it at any time and place of his/her choice and there remains no need to download anything ever!

Create high-quality repeatable sales communication that closes deals faster.

What Features Does It Offer?

Complete Buyer-Seller Engagement Platform –

Pitch.Link enables private, secure Buyer-Seller communication, conversion, and collaboration. No interruptions and friction fee – using a single unique link.

User Dashboard

Remote Selling To Your Buyers

Engage your buyer by creating personalized narratives, sharing, and continuing conversations with all stakeholders on a single unique link with complete privacy.

Create Personalised Narratives

Use your marketing and sales collaterals, your voice, and video to create personalized sales pitches.

Send A Single Unique Link To Prospects

Prospects click a single unique link to open the entire presentation, forms, and supporting documents.

Prospects Analytics

Engage With Decision Makers

All stakeholders in both teams, buyer and seller, can engage in discussion on the platform through the unique Pitch.Link.

Experience Real Engagement. Not Vanity Metrics

Privacy options and mandatory consent for data-sharing builds trust with buyers while focusing on what really matters- two-way communication.

Buyer Dashboard

Cloud Storage

All your sales pitches will be available on the Could storage. Your clients can access it anytime and anywhere and there’s no need to download it every time when there’s any updates or changes.

Close More. Close Faster

Engage with prospects who are really interested. Improve your Return on Engagement and increase

Clone Pitches

No need to create another detailed pitch if you already have one. Simply duplicate your previous pitch and edit and personalize the details according to your new client. You are good to go!

Clientface settings for Follow-up

  • PLAN – Plan your sales pitch story-line based on the requirements of your target audience and your product strengths.
  • BUILD – Create high-quality engaging sales pitches though in-house collaboration between marketing and sales teams. Create presentations, collaterals, add voice and videos
  • ENGAGE – Prospects ask questions. Sellers answer queries, resolve doubts, remove objections. All within Pitch.Link.
  • MONITOR – Built-in analytics help to monitor customer engagement. Head of Sales monitors team and individual performances.

Sales teams send out high-quality targeted pitches that can be personalized at scale. Pitches are built on a simple drag-and-drop application. Add video and audio to add context and personalization.

  • Pitch.Link is an asynchronous communication and engagement platform that allows buyers and sellers to engage remotely, and without interruption.
  • Manage and share all data and large files with prospects through Pitch.Link, your single communication and engagement platform for selling.
  • Private discussion rooms for sellers and buyers, and buyer-seller discussion rooms keep all communication segregated, manageable, and secure.