Pitchroom is a virtual data room, file sharing, audience management, tracking and presentation platform – all in one unified solution. More

Pitchroom is a secure branded data room with file, document, video support that can be set up in minutes.

It was founded to secure investor materials that were being shared with potential investors.

At the time, the founders could only find really expensive virtual data rooms out on the market, so they set about changing that.

They needed to protect their materials and at the same time enable analytics so they had insight into when users were engaging with that content.

With Pitchroom, you can create a data room in seconds and completely customize it with sidebar images, logos, and a unique URL.

Upload files, folders, videos, or documents, and then select whether you want the room displayed with thumbnails (presentation mode) or folder list (VDR mode).

Now select access credentials, share your unique URL, and monitor the audit trail for engagements, usage, and analytics.

If you wish to guard business-sensitive documents or video, Pitchroom is an easy and inexpensive deal that you won’t want to pass up.

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