Pixalogo 3.0 offers a unique, powerful and fun solution for designing corporate logos. It contains over 200 fully editable templates that will help you create your own professional logos in less than 5 minutes. More

No matter what is your business, a logo is the most important thing to create trust. A logo is a company’s first introduction to consumers.

While this is not the only factor, consumers consider when shopping, a logo can be an appealing invitation to learn more.

The fact is, creating a Professional Business Logo is not easy, expensive, and consumes much time!

On the internet, creating a logo needs at least a hundred to a thousand dollars with the quality varying depending on the actual cost. and it needs weeks to create it.

Basically, many people like you create logos using adobe illustrator, adobe photoshop, or Corel draw…

The problem is when you create logos from this software, you need experience & skill designs like a pro!

It’s big problem for you. Do you agree? This is a big problem, cause you need to know about layered design, coloring, size dimension, etc.

Introducing Pixalogo 

Pixalogo  – Helps You Create Your Own Logos Quickly and Easily.

This is is revolutionary logo bundle templates only using PowerPoint software. It’s compatible with Powerpoint 2011 or Higher Version.

Not only that but in the PixaLogo 3.0, there are 200+ logo templates. All templates have been re-arranged for each business category… So, you will find logo templates easily for your own business.

Drag & Drop Editor ONLY Using PowerPoint

You only need DRAG & DROP PixaLogo 3.0 Templates. It’s very easy to use, no need to work hard to create a beautiful logo…

Customize Any you Want to!

Whatever you want, you can customize the templates. It’s very easy, and you will find new ways to create a beautiful logo!

Need Logo Animation? You can do it INSTANTLY!

You’re bored with a STUCK logo? You can add more animation on PixaLogo 3.0 templates too!

Export to Image High-Quality Format!

If you have finished editing, you can export to HQ image edition. You can do that in under 5 minutes!

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