Pixelgrade has simple WordPress themes that are easy to use by anyone who’s up to creating a modern website. More

For the past nine years, we’ve been creating WordPress themes used by 60,000+ people from all over the world.

We are also giving back to the open-source community through our free themes, plugins, eBooks, and knowledge shared on Pixelgrade Upstairs.

Simple design that lasts

We create simple yet efficient design solutions that keep your WordPress website outstanding and relevant in the long run. With us, you shine in the digital world by looking modern and professional.

Customizations that make sense

We’re straightforward in how we approach features and customizations. That’s why we packed our simple WordPress themes with a powerful visual system that gives you the flexibility to fully customize your site.

Customer support made easy

We treat our customers as partners, and we genuinely care about their online success. To facilitate our communication, we created a user-friendly system so you can reach us from the WordPress Dashboard.

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