Pixlr is an intuitive online photo editor that uses AI-powered tools for quick and easy professional designs and edits. More

You want to create professional-quality designs, but your skills haven’t evolved beyond MS Paint and WordArt. (Wavy rainbow 3D text? We’ve all been there.)

Photoshop is one option, but do you really have the patience to sift through brush effects, vertices, and vector paths?

The truth is, you don’t have to be a graphic designer to edit photos like a pro.

Editing photos has never been easier

Ever try in vain to remove unwanted objects or people from a photo (there’s always that one tourist in a speedo), or blur out an ugly background with exact pixel precision?

For those of us that weren’t blessed with perfect vision and steady surgeon hands, there’s the AI Cutout button, which lets you remove backgrounds with just one click.

Automate your image cutouts to remove unwanted objects, people, and backgrounds in just a click

Give your images a makeover with a simple drag-and-drop of Pixlr’s dazzling selection of overlays.

Beautify your photos with a collection of 5,000 decorative texts

Upload your photo, choose the color (or colors), and edit hue, saturation, and brightness directly in the editor.

Add a touch of color or a gradual blend to your photos with the gradient tool

From pop art frames and snappy slogans to cute and quirky, there’s something for every vibe and aesthetic.

Spice up your visuals with thousands of unique stickers and icons

Pixlr makes it a breeze to create eye-catching visuals that turn heads and convert clients — without the time, hassle, and price tag of Photoshop.

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