Plerdy is a multifunctional tool that offers heatmaps, session recording, click tracking, and more to analyze user behavior and improve site design. More

Your site hasn’t been converting visitors into customers, and you can’t tell if it’s your design, copy, or simply not enough SpongeBob memes (truly a tough balance to strike).

But you can’t poll every visitor who bounces off your site, and blindly “optimizing” through incremental changes is time-consuming.

Want a tool that shows you how users are behaving on your site, locates ineffective elements, and analyzes patterns to find solutions?

Check out Plerdy

Track and analyze what users are doing on your site

Plerdy’s heatmaps let you analyze site behavior with several different reports.

You can see scroll maps, scroll depth, idle mouse, text selection, cursor hover, and click sequence as they appear on your live site, not a screenshot.

Trial and error is a classic way to improve things, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best. (Case in point: quarantine haircuts.)

Plerdy gives you detailed information on user behavior like heatmaps, traffic type, and session recording to make improving your website conversions much, much easier.

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