Podcast Outreach System is jam-packed with outreach resources to help you land more interviews or book more guests. More

Do you host a podcast or perhaps you’d like to book more podcast interview opportunities? If so, our Podcast Outreach System provides the information you need to start sending more outreach messages and managing your opportunities.

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We understand the obstacles associated with outreach. After all, Podcasts.com is the go to place for hosting your podcast. We understand the value of finding more guests or booking more interviews.

That’s why we created the Podcast Outreach System (POS). 

Here’s what you get inside the outreach system. A simple set of resources that teaches you how to start sending outreach campaigns.

  • List of 50 outreach email templates you can quickly personalize
  • Spreadsheet tracking template to keep track of the process
  • Guide to researching podcast opportunities

What’s included in POS?

25 Customizable Email Outreach Templates

Get 25 Customized email templates that help you send personalized and effective outreach emails. It’s a great outreach shortcut for solo marketers and teams.

Quick Start Podcast Outreach Guide

Understand how the POS System works from research to won pitches. The guide quickly walks you through the outreach process and includes a list of helpful tools to execute quickly.


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