Poll Maker is a WordPress plugin, which allows you to easily create quality polls for your website. You can add multiple options and choose from different templates to get an engaging poll. More

Poll Maker plugin is developed to super easily create amazing online polls for your WordPress website with its basic features.

You can use Poll Maker to conduct elections, surveys, or just as an interactive content provider of your website.

For more advanced needs, the plugin creates Pro packages packed with advanced features such as Versus type of poll, Import/Export polls, Custom Information Form Fields, Third-party Integrations, and dozens more!

VS type of poll (versus)

Conduct your poll with Versus type. Choose two different contrasting options and let the respondents choose between them.

Custom Form Fields

Ask users for personal information before or after the quiz. Make custom form fields besides name and email. 5+ field types are supported

Extra 4 themes

We have made it a lot easier for you to create more advanced custom styles. Design your poll with extra 4 themes: Light Shape, Dark Shape, Coffee Fluid, Aquamarine.

Results with charts

Poll Maker visualizes results for all polls together and for each quiz separately with beautiful and responsive charts.

Export results to CSV

Export the users’ results to the CSV file. Filter the content by Polls.

Ability to add custom options

Allow the respondents to submit any answer they want in written form. Know more about your users.

Vote reason option

Allow users to specify their vote reason in written form. Know your users and conduct better polls.

Import/Export polls

Save time, export/import your polls in the CSV file. It makes easy to transfer questions from staging to production.

Third-party Integrations

Collect your users email addresses automatically with the most useful and powerful marketing tools: Mailchimp, Zapier, ActiveCampaign, Campaign Monitor.

Slack integration

Send passed user personal information and submission details to the specified Slack channel. Most of us always online in Slack, but aren’t always logged in into the website dashboard to see the results.

Anonymous poll

It allows participants to respond to your polls without ever revealing their identities, even if they are registered on your website. After enabling the option, the WP User and User IP will not be stored in the database.

Allow multiple vote

Conduct more precise research by allowing your users to vote for more than one answer to the given poll.

Password protected poll

Protect your poll by password and be sure that only your intended audience group will have access to it.

Vote session

Limit the access of one participant to one single poll by voting once during a specified session by just one click. Moreover, you can specify the time of one session and write the message, which will be shown during the restricted time, when the user has already passed his/her limit for the session.

Send mail to user

Send your preferred message to the emails of the users after the submission of the poll. An easy and creative way to thank them for participation and support or target them for another project.

Messages based on answers

Show different messages on the result page of the poll based on their selected answer. Furthermore, you can attach and show different images too.

Display category short code

Show a given amount of polls from the given category together. Moreover, you can choose the method of displaying (all/random), and the design of the layout (list/grid).


Increase user engagement by adding a leaderboard shortcode to any posts/pages to see the list of the top users and the corresponding count of attempts of each one who passed any poll.

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