Porter – A business intelligence metrics tool that automates your marketing reports on Google Data Studio with Connectors. More

Marketing reports are an essential requirement to run a business smoothly. While you are spending hours and hundreds and thousands of dollars to generate the reports in the long CSV sheet format which is not only difficult to decode but you may also miss out on the crucial Metrics that might be super important to your business.

While the idea of having a centralized report sounds nice, it’s possible with this tool and you don’t have to spend hours on that.

Porter – A business intelligence metrics tool that automates your marketing reports on Google Data Studio with Connectors.

Streamline and Automate your reporting and centralize your marketing data metrics with Porter on Google Data Studio, all in a few minutes!

Leverage Porter’s friendly and actionable Google Data Studio templates to stop worrying about reporting once for all.

Actionable Dashboard

The dashboards are interactive, so each person can visualize only the needed data and filter the data the way you want.

Connect all the KPIs into one account

Bring fast, data-driven decision making to all departments, teams, and individuals within your company. Connect all the CRM data, Digital marketing data, sales performances, finances, reporting, and various other metrics into your Porter account.

Automated and Centralized Reports

Easily Centralize all your marketing data on Google Data Studio.

Porter collect, process, and visualize hundreds of data sources, all in one place and automatically. Now you DON’T have to prepare any reports on slides with screenshots or manually exporting CSVs into multiple spreadsheets.

Setup your reports in one minute

Turn reporting time from hours every week to just a few clicks with Porter’s Google Data Studio templates to automate your marketing reports in a few clicks. Get reports for every marketing app and use cases. The templates are inspired by real data visualizations and reports from marketing agencies of all sizes.

Get Google Data Studio Templates

Porter also provides the Free Google Data Studio templates that you can use it right away to automate your reports.

Porter offers all the metrics available on the Facebook Ads Manager; while you can also calculate the metrics as if you were using Google Sheets.

Porter also has a growing library of dozens of report templates inspired by agencies and marketing teams from all around the world with multiple tutorials and documentation on Google Data Studio.