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Automate your Instagram marketing and schedule all of your future posts from the comfort of your desktop

Unless you are anti-social, you have an Instagram account.

And why wouldn’t you be using Instagram? It’s a free way to market and promote your brand.

But just because it’s free marketing doesn’t mean it’s easy marketing.

Instagram is unique in that it’s mobile only. Normally you have to be on your phone to post and handle all the marketing stuff. And unless you’re a phone zombie, growing your brand’s Instagram presence can become a full-time job.

Until now

Meet Postable, a super easy to use marketing tool that lets you manage and automate Instagram for your clients, business, or for your own personal account from your desktop!

Postable is awesome because it actually posts for you. (In fact, we used it to grow Ltdhunt’s Instagram and we love it!)

All you have to do is upload photos or videos to your computer, tell Postable when you want to post them, and voila! You’re done!

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