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Acquiring a customer is expensive. And it’s getting even harder with PPC and CPAs rising and cluttered email inboxes driving down engagement. Many eCommerce stores are barely profitable on their first order after all costs are accounted for.

That’s why retaining customers and increasing LTV is critical — a 5% increase in retention can increase profits up to 95%.

Did you know that postcard campaigns get up to 28X better engagement than email and often costs less than a click?

PostPilot has made it a cinch to create and send highly targeted, individually personalized campaigns.

Like with email, you can segment your customers based on purchases or behavior, and send fully automated or one-off campaigns in minutes.

Pick from their free templates, upload your own design, or use their friendly design tool to create impressive, on-brand cards.

Track ROI automatically right in your dashboard. Most campaigns generate 5-12X ROAS!

Boost your bottom line & increase loyalty with PostPilot.