The potion platform allows you to personalize video content in bulk, which means you won’t have to re-record anything ever again. More

Personalizing video outreach is a great tactic for lead gen, but it’s a really bad way to spend your time. (“Hey there *checks notes* John—I mean Ron. Let’s do that again.”)

In just a single campaign, you could be spending days or weeks re-recording the same content for your entire list.

Imagine if there was a super-fast way to create personalized videos and get more responses from qualified leads.

Say hello to Potion

Potion lets you personalize video content in bulk, so you don’t need to re-record anything ever again.

Say goodbye to cookie-cutter emails! Potion lets you create personalized videos and screen recordings with your own face and voice.

Just record your video template and let this platform automatically generate personalized videos for you.

You’ll even be able to customize video pages with your own brand colors, logos, and CTAs. Plus, you can also integrate your videos with any outreach sequencing tool.

The personalization doesn’t stop there! Potion also lets you add images, stickers, and GIFs to your videos.

You can customize video thumbnails by simply uploading first names, email addresses, and website URLs.

Without an actual system in place, you’re just one mistake away from fumbling your personalized video outreach campaigns. (“Turns out I’m not perfect, but I am exhausted.”)

Luckily, Potion makes it a breeze to personalize your video outreach at once, so you can skip over all the re-recording.

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