Preceden is a web-based tool that is designed to assist you in creating professional project timelines and roadmaps for your projects. More

The hardest part about planning your project shouldn’t be creating your project timeline. (“So what’s the timeline on you figuring out that timeline?”)

Because so many project management tools are bloated with unnecessary features, it’s hard to create presentation visuals that won’t leave your team and stakeholders scratching their heads.

You need an easy-to-use tool that lets you create clear visual timelines and roadmaps in minutes.

Say hello to Preceden.

Preceden is a web-based tool that helps you create professional project timelines and roadmaps.

With Preceden, you can quickly generate a professional timeline visualization for any project using an intuitive interface.

Just add key events to your timeline and the tool will automatically generate a stunning visualization for you.

Then, group those events into layers to keep your timeline organized by team member or department.

Preceden makes it a breeze to customize the look and feel of your timeline without overwhelming you with tons of menus and settings.

You can change the colors, fonts, and date formats to match your company branding.

Plus, you’re able to add your company logo to polish up your professional timeline.

Imagine if the first people to climb Mount Everest tried knocking out their goal without a solid roadmap. (“Maybe we’ll hit that peak tomorrow, or maybe we won’t.”)

Preceden helps you build and share high-quality timelines and roadmaps in a snap, keeping your team aligned and your stakeholders informed.

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