’s proprietary algorithms recommend hashtags, caption ideas and suggestions to improve your post. Incorporate these changes to enhance your engagement and grow organically! More

The Social Media – Instagram posting has become the face for all the brands and content creators. However, you need to be different yet smart while crafting each of your post.

It does become overwhelming to present your brand different from others while you always have to think of something creative every time but this is where you need to actually become smart.

Did you know you can leverage the power of an AI to enhance your posts? No, right? Enhance your post engagement by optimising which hashtags to use, the best time to post, which media to use and much more. So let us share the tea with you! is an AI/ML-based product that helps Instagram Marketers/influencers check and improve their Instagram posts before posting.

Using AI, Predis shows how well a post can perform via an Engagement Indicator and gives suggestions to improve the post which results in better engagement.

Suggestions can range from Time/Day of posting, Caption length to Image Improvements. Predis also suggests Hashtags to help improve the post’s reach and gives different ideas to better write your copy.

Know which post to publish with the engagement indicator

Predis’ proprietary AI algorithms predict the performance of the posts even before you publish. It can also tell you the right time to post, what media to use, and how many users to tag.

Overcome writer’s block with endless AI-generated caption ideas

Having writer’s block? You can use Predis to throw a lot of content ideas at you to keep you going. Additionally, its algorithms also suggest hashtags relevant to your post.

Identify what’s working for your competition with content themes

A Couple of clicks and you will understand what is working for your competition. No more time taking competitor analysis.

Always put most relevant hashtags

Predis’ Algorithms understand your content and suggest the most relevant and popular hashtags in real-time from Instagram, making your search for hashtags effortless.

Know how your post will perform on Instagram beforehand

Let Predis predict the engagement of your post even before you publish, giving you a fair idea of what to post.

In data we trust

Confused about what to write, when to post etc.? Predis’ AI algorithms optimize these attributes for you so that you always get the best engagement possible for your post.

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