Product managers can use Productstash to build & customize product roadmaps, create & publish release notes, and capture big ideas. More

Create, publish & embed product roadmaps. Within Productstash, you can create public roadmaps to easily keep your stakeholders and customers up-to-date with what you’re working on, and what you have in the pipeline.

Productstash helps you publish releases as roadmap deliverables are completed. You can also release notes off the back of them (less work for you typing & re-typing, wahoo!). These release notes can either be published to your public canvas, or embedded in your release widget update feed.

Within Productstash, you can collect and prioritize product ideas. The community can submit and vote on ideas, which allows you to collect valuable feedback directly from your customers.

It’s easier than ever to keep your stakeholders and customers up-to-date on product releases!