Publist Cloud is an online database & file manager to collect files from multiple apps. More

Organize all your files on the cloud with Publist Cloud

A Universal Cloud Storage System Where You Can Organize All Your Files and Data Under One Tool.


Keep files from across any of your apps organized in virtual folders

With thousands of files spread across all over our computer folders and apps with a messy desktop as well, searching for even a small document or a pdf couldn’t be an easier task, right?

Now, we have our files spread across tons of other cloud apps: sitting in Dropbox, sent to us on Slack, shared on Google Drive, waiting in Docusign, attached to emails.

Yes, it’s difficult to manage all the files from so many different apps you use but it’s not impossible to get them together under one tool.

Publist Cloud is a universal cloud organization system where you can organize all your files and data under this single tool

With all of your cloud data in one place, you will never have to spend time looking for missing files again.

Publist Storage

Let’s know what this power-packed tool offers you:

  • One File Manager For All Your Apps – While the cloud brought many fantastic tools, your apps and data in it began to pile up.

    And thus creating a need for more storage and unwanted storage expenses. Different tools need different storage space thus adding a lot into the cloud storage cost.

    But with Publist Cloud, you don’t have to worry about staying organized in 10 different places. Publist Cloud is your universal cloud organization system

  • Organize and Search Everything In One Place- O Publist Cloud searches all of your storages at once so you never have to open multiple tabs.
  • Access Files In Any Cloud – Bridging desktop and cloud data.

  • Beautiful File Previews – You have got a lot of files that Publist Cloud can show you.

    Videos, documents, codes, PDFs, or anything you store can be previewed in Publist’s fast and beautiful file viewer.

File Previews

  • Easy Notes or Rich Documents  – With Publist’s pages app you can edit rich documents quickly within Publist allowing you to take notes, create documentation or collaborate on thoughts and work.

  • Instant Team File Access – Publist makes files from your team easily accessible and shareable.

  • Bring Your Own Storage – Use Amazon S3 to power your storage with the infrastructure you control. Setup S3 buckets from your AWS account in minutes to take advantage of S3’s pay-as-you-go storage pricing. Manage files in your buckets using Publist’s beautiful storage interface. Files are moved directly from your computer to S3 and back without ever touching our servers.