Pulter is an end-to-end data onboarding solution that empowers your customers to clean, validate, and upload their data to your platform. More

If you’re a developer, product designer, or startup founder, there’s a good chance you’ve had to build or design a data import feature at least once.

Building an importer from scratch is time-consuming, and maintaining it is another headache.

But not anymore, thanks to Pulter!

Pulter is an end-to-end data onboarding solution that empowers your customers to clean, validate, and upload their data to your platform.

Thanks to Pulter, you can now add CSV and Excel import to your web app in minutes.

  • Provide a delightful data import experience.
  • You can also easily integrate with a few lines of JS and a webhook or callback.
  • Handle large import files with ease.
  • It also supports CSV and all Excel formats.

Add a production-ready import feature to your web app in just a few minutes.

Your users can upload files, map columns, fix validation errors, and submit data… all in a few clicks.

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