QRClip allows you to send and receive encrypted and self-destructing data to and from any device by scanning QR codes or using a link. More

Have you ever wanted to try something else to share sensitive information more securely?

Rather than transferring data via email, messaging, or any other medium.

There are many reasons why you shouldn’t log in with your email or cloud accounts on computers that don’t belong to you, just to retrieve a file.

The main reason is the risk of having your credentials stolen.

Introducing QRClip

It is a secure and private web application to transfer data between devices.

With QRClip, you can transfer encrypted files and texts using QR codes or links.

Not only can you scan a QR code to get data, but with QRClip you can also scan a QR code to send data.

Each QRClip has a self-destruct timer and a download limit that you can set.

This makes it perfect for sending self-destructing emails and messages with sensitive information that you don’t want to be stored on a server forever.

Now, you can send and receive data securely and privately!


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