It’s exciting to scan a QR code and then be redirected to the information you’re looking for right away. QRVersion Makes Creating QR Codes also an Engaging Experience. More

Did you know that..??

52% Of U.S. Restaurants Have Already Switched To QR Code Menus

1 Billion Smartphones Will Access QR Codes By 2022

Since COVID, Buyers LOVE Using QR Codes

Introducing QrVersion

A QR Code takes just a few seconds to access, and you get the information you need Instantly and accurately.

QRVersion Makes Creating Any Of The 20+ Types Of QR Codes An Outstanding Engaging Experience

Create Both Dynamic And Static QR Codes

Proven to be the easiest and fastest way to create cloud-based QR Codes with absolutely no coding experience.

Simple And Intuitive Dashboard

QRVersion features a simple and intuitive dashboard that makes it easy for anyone to get results quickly.

Easy QR Code Management

Create, Edit, Delete, and Organize all QR Codes into folders for simple management with a few clicks of your mouse.

20+ QR Code Types

Custom Page, Website, Call, SMS, Text, Paypal, Bitcoin, WiFi, Email, Whatsapp, Google Maps, Event, Images, Videos, Document, App, Coupon, Audio, Profile Card, Feedback, Social Media, and Password Protection included.

Customize Anything Without Technical Skills

Customize anything you want in your QR Codes like colors, backgrounds, shapes, logos, frames, extra fonts, and size making this the most flexible QR Code Builder ever.

10+ QR Code Patterns, Marker Borders, And Marker Centers

Choose from over 10 QR Code Patterns, marker borders, and marker centers which is something no other QR Code Builders offer.

Instant Preview And Instant Download

Preview your QR Code in PNG or SVG Formats and instantly download it.

Multiple Instant Sharing Capabilities

Share your QR Codes For Instant Profits Through Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, or Via URL (These sharing features are more comprehensive than any other QR code tool).

Create And Share QR Codes In Seconds

You can create and share your QR codes in just seconds, with a few clicks of your mouse.

Easy Searching and Sorting Capabilities

Save time and frustration with fast and easy QR code searching and sorting built right into the app.

QR Code Analytics

Always know where you and your clients stand with built-in analytics for EACH QR code.

QR Code Jobs Finder

Use the built-in QR Code Jobs Finder tool so you can start finding and closing clients by the end of TODAY with a few clicks of your mouse and no cold calling or sales skills required.

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