Quabbly is a no-code application that allows teams and businesses to create dynamic workflows to organize information across various tools. More

You’ve been trying to make your business work with more spreadsheets, more tools, and more headaches. (“At this point, Advil is part of our tech stack.”)

Yet with all that time spent going back and forth between platforms, you’re still not any closer to your productivity goals.

Looking to establish efficient workflows for your unique business processes without having to load up your computer or hire a software engineer?

Quabbly is the perfect fit.

Quabbly is a no-code application that allows teams and businesses to create dynamic workflows to organize information across various tools.

Quabbly lets you leverage real-time analytics and trigger automated actions from form responses and other events, so you can build dynamic workflows for your business.

Tailor data collection to your needs with over 35 field types, whether you’re recruiting, booking appointments, placing orders, or gauging customer feedback.

You can easily place your forms on any website by generating embed codes, or share the form links directly.

Teams will be able to strategize by visualizing insights in a variety of formats, including Kanban, Calendar, Gallery, Charts, Maps, DOCX, and PDF.

With Quabbly you can create powerful forms and visualize real-time analytics

Quabbly lets you skip repetitive data entry and avoid manual errors for a more seamless workflow.

Just upload your own document template and automatically generate receipts, invoices, contracts, reports, and more from your data with the click of a button.

Along with data collected from forms and imported by team members, you can also integrate data from your favorite apps.

Automatically generate documents from your data on Quabbly

Quabbly eases the stress of switching between different apps, so you can focus on the important stuff.

Just connect with your favorite apps and you’ll be able to trigger events in one and perform actions in another. That way, you can automate and switch between interfaces fuss-free.

You can also set up automated workflows that trigger actions like sending emails, updating records, sending documents, setting reminders, and more.

Integrate with your favorite apps

Quabbly puts all your data in one place to keep your team on the same page.

With built-in collaborative features, you’ll be able to keep your workspace synced and work more effectively as a team.

Manage and share data, set up custom roles, and keep communication open with comments and mentions.

Plus, you can automatically assign tasks and leads to team members, keeping track of productivity on the dashboard.

Keep your team productive and on the same page

Data drives your business, but spreading it out across a bunch of apps is like trying to find your phone in a messy room. (“Wait. The call is coming from inside the hamper.”)

Quabbly integrates with your favorite apps to keep all your data in one place, so your team is always on the same page.

Automate your operations without writing a single line of code.

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