With Qualetics’s machine learning capabilities, they can help you understand your customer’s behavior and needs so that you can act on them and gain up to 12% of direct/indirect gains in revenue. More

You cannot predict customer success, and you keep losing customers.

It’s hard to keep up with the fast-paced changes in the market, and it’s even harder trying to predict customer success.

Meet Qualetics

With Qualetics’s machine learning capabilities, they can help you understand your customer’s behavior and needs so that you can act on them and gain up to 12% of direct/indirect gains in revenue.


  • Get better intelligence about your customers with the help of AI and Analytics.
  • Alternative to Fullstory, Avo, BigEye, DataKitchen, Dhiva.ai, Promethium.
  • Easy to use, simple UI and UX, incredible support, very in-depth data-driven tool.
  • Best for SMBs, Enterprises, Product Managers, CROs, Developers, Customer Success.

Critical Stats

  • Market Need Analytics & AI Drive 6 to 12% direct & indirect gains in revenue (IBM, 2020).
  • Current Landscape High Risk of Failure in Implementing AI (Greater than 80%) (Accenture, 2019).

How can Qualetics help?

  • It Makes your Product Intelligent to enable you to Proactive Customer Success.
  • React to Customer issues proactively.
  • Extremely Low Prices.
  • Eliminate 90% of your Data Processing workload.
  • All in analytics in one platform.
  • Easy to Implement.

Centralize Data Collection

Most companies don’t have a proactive customer success strategy, and they are only reactive.

Without proactive customer success, you’re leaving money on the table. As a result, your customers are not getting the most out of your product, and they are likely to churn.

Qualetics is the answer!

Its machine-learning algorithm predicts when a customer will churn so you can take action before it’s too late.

It helps you increase customer lifetime value and make more money from each customer.

Extract Intelligence from Data

You have mountains of data but don’t know what to do. So you need help turning that data into insights that will improve your business.

Data is alarming, and most businesses don’t have the time or resources to turn it into insights. This leaves companies struggling to keep up with the competition.

It offers actionable intelligence through your own branded and preconfigured AI Portal.

It provides a built-in authorization framework so users can access data based on their department, role, and permissions.

With Qualetics, you can securely share and act on insights with colleagues.

It has a library of AI Insights for Healthcare, Retail, Transportation, Utilities, e-Learning, and eCommerce that you can use right away or customize for your specific needs.

Power your solutions with Data Intelligence

Big data is only valuable if you can act on it quickly.

The problem with big data is that it’s just too big. You can’t possibly watch all the channels, track all the interactions, and promptly analyze the results.

It changes all of that by automating the access to data and results, so you can get actionable insights in real-time.

Qualetics do this by using their Intelligent Message Broker to subscribe to real-time delivery of insights, generate alerts and notifications based on changes in your data, and integrate with Qualetics’s portal into your B2B application using Secure SSO.

Transform your organization with AI

Qualetics offers a single AI platform that can drive multiple AI initiatives across your enterprise.

Qualetics also offer rules-based user provisioning, which delivers curated AI and analytics results to staff across the enterprise.

This allows you to realize up to 65% cost savings compared to in-house and alternative efforts to implement AI.

Finally, Qualetics’s year-over-year ROI on AI, compared to traditional Infrastructure maintenance, R&D, and system enhancements, means choose Qualetics.

Plus, Qualetics offers a white-labeled Analytics portal for B2B offerings.

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