Reach out to your subscribers whenever and wherever you want to, in real-time with pop-ups and powerful push notifications to re-engage with them. More

Are you one amongst them who thinks that Popups are ugly, and they make the user experience bad?

It’s time for you to change that opinion.Be it a big SAAS players like HubSpot, Active Campaign and Intercom, or E-commerce stores like Gap, Tommy Hilfiger and Dolce & Gabbana or Conversion specialists like Neil Patel, Brain Dean or Tony Robbins they all use popups in their sales funnels for a reason. Because they convert!

Yes, you heard it right. Popups help you to increase your website conversions by 10% if done right.Not just Popups, even Push Notifications convert more than an email.

Introducing Qualzz

One tool for Conversion Rate Optimization through Popup and Push Notifications.

Qualzz is easy to use and works with any CMS like WordPress, Shopify, Drupal, Wix ..etc. You just need to place Qualzz JS code in your website and activate your popup campaigns to start collecting leads.

Connect with your favorite CRM tools using webhooks or native integrations and automate your lead funnels.

Increase your push notification subscribers by using Qualzz custom prompts. Personalize and stay in touch with your audience by sending them push notifications directly to their browsers.

Identify from which places and which days you get the most conversions

In dashboard, you can view from which country you are receiving better conversions. What traffic channels are working for you, on which weekday are your audience converting more.

Not only that, but you can also view the best converting pages on your website. The top campaigns and their statistics in a said date range.

Create pop-ups with fully customized elements

Create new popup campaigns, activate/de-activate them in a single click. Filter your campaign list based on the campaign type, device type or format. Take a glimpse of the campaigns performance by looking at the number of Views, Clicks and CTR.

The flexible drag & drop canvas designer helps you to create your own or use any of our conversion ready templates to create one to suit your visitor’s taste.

Be it a lead capture form, feedback form or a survey – Using the elements customize your own popup by adding custom fields, drop-downs, radio buttons or check boxes.

Maximize your conversions by targeting your campaign based on the visitor personas

Create urgency by adding timer to your popup and increase your conversions by creating a FOMO. Increase your social likes and views by adding a social element.

Choose any trigger – on landing, on exit, on scroll, after pages, on click or on element hover.

Maximize your conversions by targeting your campaign based on the visitor personas, traffic sources like organic, paid or referral, reference URL, geo-location, browser, or device.

Increase your push notifications subscribers by using the custom prompt types

Qualzz provides detailed statistics of individual campaigns. You can view the total number of views, conversions and CTR. Graphical charts shows day wise performance of the campaign.

View the traffic channels which are converting better for the campaign. Which weekday is working best for your offer and which device is converting the most? Take advantage of this detailed information and optimize your offering to improve your conversions.

Increase your push notifications subscribers by using the custom prompt types. Select a native prompt or a custom prompt like subscription bell icon, slide prompt or sleek prompt.

Collect subscribers, view their activity, add tags and notes. Segment them based on their geo-location, tags, sessions, language and operating systems.

The dashboard shows the subscribers growth and the notifications performance.