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Win a Premium QuickBlog Lifetime Deal!

We only have only 30 codes available, and they will be sent individually at the end of the promotion.


Quickblog is the perfect solution for running a blog on any landing page.

It gives bloggers and agencies an embedded, super-fast, SEO ready blog for their websites and clients’ websites, that ranks on Search Engines and earns passive income, without spending any time or money on theme coding, editing or design.

How to win your your lifetime license?

Comment on the FB thread

Go to the giveaway thread and leave a relevant comment, ask a question or give feedback.

Subscribe Bellow

And that’s it. Just fill out the form below and we’ll send you your code after verification.

Giveaway Guidelines

🎁 The first 30 members with most points will get a Quickblog lifetime license.

🎁 Even before the promotion ends, members who reach 100 points by referring friends using their unique link will be rewarded immediately.

🎁We know some people are busy, so t give everyone a chance to win, 2 random members, even if they don’t have enough points, will be randomly chosen to win a lifetime license.

How to Earn Points

Every time the Founder, an LTD Hunt Staff or a Group Expert reacts to your comments, reviews or feedback, you earn points:

👍 = 1 point

😆 = 2 points

🥰 = 3 points

❤️ = 4 points

😮 = 5 points

⭐You’ll also get 1 point for each reaction of any member (Be nice and reward other fellow members ❤️).

⭐Each public share on the FB thread (tagging people or clicking to share) worth 2 points .

⭐Every member you refer and join this giveaway gives you 5 points.

Terms & Conditions

1 – You must join the LTD Hunt Facebook group in order to validate your entry. This giveaway is only for active members.

2 – You must enter a valid email address on the giveaway page in order to receive your code.

3 – Members can post unlimited comments and also reply to other members. Comments and replies must be relevant and add value to the discussion 😍.

4 – Upon entering the promotion, you will be subscribed to our mailing list for future giveaways and lifetime deals. You can unsubscribe at any time.

5 – Fake profiles will be disqualified.

6 – We will validate, calculate, and award comments points at the end of the promotion.

7 – Referral points are automatically credited.

8 – There are limited codes available, and they will be sent individually at the end of the promotion.

9 – Members who reach 100 points by referring friends will be rewarded instantly.

10 – This promotion ends on 01/31/2022.

You don’t want to wait? Get the lifetime deal now!

Thank you for been a LTD Hunt Member, and Keep hunting!
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