QuickReviewer is an online proofing software that enables creative teams to get faster reviews and approvals on videos, PDFs, HTML, and images. More

When you pursue a creative career, no one tells you that you’ll spend half your time in endless approval email chains (and the other half explaining why “exposure” doesn’t pay the bills).

With conflicting feedback and increasing project versions, the creative review process tends to delay project timelines.

Wouldn’t it be nice to easily collect all feedback in one place without tracking emails or multiple versions of large files?

Introducing QuickReviewer

Live collaborative commenting on videos lets you deliver pinpointed feedback in real-time!

Say goodbye to flipping back and forth between versions of a creative project.

QuickReviewer makes it easy to compare different versions or revisions with side-by-side views.

You can lock video timelines or PDF scrolls and ensure that both versions are perfectly in sync as you review.

With the side-by-side view, you can be sure you’ve addressed all feedback and made all the requested changes.

Upload revisions and compare them side by side to make sure you never miss a beat… or an edit!

Mobile-responsive design is no longer a nice-to-have—it’s a must-have.

And QuickReviewer makes reviewing mobile design a breeze, allowing you to review HTML banners and responsive web pages in mobile view.

See how the design looks on a variety of different device screens, and leave or receive feedback on the design.

Speaking of effective mobile design… QuickReviewer offers a mobile responsive user interface that allows you to review and approve files right from your mobile device!

Review HTML banners and responsive web pages in mobile view for a variety of device screens.

And because we’re all design nuts here, the ability to white-label the platform is a major plus.

You can white-label QuickReviewer with your logo, personalized email templates, and custom SMTP, so that reviewers get platform notifications from someone they know.

By making the platform match your branding, you can create a seamless experience for reviewers tailored to your business.

Keep your branding and white label projects with your logo, custom SMTP settings, and email design.

QuickReviewer also offers shared workspaces where you can invite an unlimited number of team members to upload and access files.

By uploading files into a shared workspace, you’ll cut down on email exchanges and large file transfers, providing an easier, more convenient workspace for all.

You can create folders, drag-and-drop files, and share your files with unlimited reviewers.

Give reviewers a shareable link and control their access permissions (commenting or just viewing).

Eliminate the back-and-forth! Create shared workspaces where teams can access common storage.

Stop trying to keep track of feedback from multiple sources and different project versions (No, you were editing “Updated Banner_Revised_New – v.9” – there’s a newer draft.)

With QuickReviewer, you can get better feedback and quicker approvals on all your video, PDF, HTML, and image projects.

With real-time commenting and shared workspaces, QuickReviewer unblocks the creative process and lets your masterpieces run free.

Get QuickReviewer today!