There are many benefits to using QuotesDLX. It is easy-to-use and has support for themes, social networks, and user interaction. More

Introducing QuotesDLX!

This plugin is an easy-to-use blockquote block with support for themes, social networks, and user interaction.

This block is meticulously designed with the Block Editor and readers in mind.

It has all the features of a modern quote block and is designed for social sharing out of the box.

Here are some features that make it stand out from other quote blocks

  • Integrated character counter (no more guessing).
  • Customize what is tweeted out if the character limit is exceeded.
  • Four beautiful themes to choose from, with custom colors and more themes coming soon.
  • Context menu so users can copy your quote, copy a link to the quote, and copy the tweet.
  • Set default block options to get up and running faster.
  • It’s themeable.

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