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Easily Create Giveaways, Contests & Rewards in WordPress

Grow Your Email List, Website Traffic, and Social Media Followers with Viral Giveaways & Contests. More

Grow your e-mail list, website traffic, and social media followers with viral giveaways & contests.

  • Drag & Drop Giveaway Builder

Easily create successful giveaway campaigns in just a few minutes without hiring a developer.

  • Viral Giveaway Templates

Start with our pre-built giveaway templates to get more subscribers, improve engagement, and grow traffic.

  • Responsive Mobile Friendly

RafflePress giveaway widget is 100% responsive meaning it works great on mobile, tablets, and desktops.

  • 1 Click Entry + Fraud Protection

Make it easy for users to enter your giveaway while eliminating fraud entries to keep your contest fair.

  • Viral Sharing (Refer-a-Friend)

Automate word of mouth marketing with our refer-a-friend a.k.a. viral sharing to supercharge your growth.

  • Social Media Integrations

RafflePress helps you grow your following on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and more.

  • Marketing & CRM Integrations

Easily Grow your email list. RafflePress seamlessly integrates with your favorite email marketing services & CRMs.

  • Giveaway Landing Page

Use our “distraction-free” and highly optimized giveaway landing page to get the best results.

  • Tracking and Retargeting

Leverage our advanced success tracking and retargeting feature to maximize your conversion goals.

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RafflePress helps you turn your visitors into brand ambassadors.

As a result, you get more website traffic, email subscribers, and social media engagement FASTER without buying any paid ads!

Website Visitors: RafflePress helps you capture visitor's attention with attractive giveaways … and what happens next is AMAZING.

Enter Giveaway: Website visitors must use their email to enter the giveaway. Benefit: Grow Your Email List.

Viral Sharing: Visitors are incentivized to share the giveaway to earn entries.Benefit: Increased Engagement.

Supercharged Growth: Word-of-mouth advertising helps you get more traffic, FASTER! Benefit:More Sales + Revenue.

RafflePress is the perfect WordPress giveaway solution for YOU.

Here's why smart business owners, marketers, web designers, and web developers love RafflePress … and you will too!

  • Create a Giveaway Campaign Widget or Landing Page in minutes, not hours!
  • Proven Goal-Based Giveaway Templates to Drive Huge Results, FAST!
  • Verified Bonus Actions to Help You Get More Social Media Followers and Real Engagement!
  • Built-in Viral Sharing to Grow Your Website Traffic without Buying Any Ads!
  • Seamless Marketing Integrations to Help You Get More Email Subscribers!

Grow Your Email List, Website Traffic, and Social Media Followers with Viral Giveaways & Contests.

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