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Today, there are more than one player across all businesses and industries. You and your competition will have created scores of content on topics related to your niche. I’m sure that much of your content is similar to your competitors’ as well.

Hence, you need to ask yourself this… How can you stand above the noise?

What have you possibly “accidentally” left out from your content, not knowing if those topics can bring more clients and revenue?

The answer lies in “RankingGap Analysis!”

“ RankingGap is your ultimate SEO competitive analysis tool with the goal of showing the gaps between you and your competitors, so you can have a better fighting edge. ”

Discover your competitors’ keywords and turn it against them by outshining them with a far superior content.

You can also identify new segments or topics your clients are looking for, creating an opportunity to attract new leads.

With scientifically supported data, you can identify the right keywords that are worth optimizing for.

Your SEO and content marketing strategy will be laser-focused. You will have a direction and purpose when performing keyword research.

You will no longer be throwing blind darts anymore.

Instead, you will only hit the bullseye each and every time by using the best keywords.

With 4 Special Keyword Analysis Views In RankingGap

Common keywords

If you are ranking higher, that is great! Make sure it stays that way. If you are ranking lower, now you know what to do!

Gap keywords

Identify specific keyword gap against your competitor. Establish a laser focus strategy to reduce the gap and outrank them.

Missing keywords

Discover new highly valuable keywords to rank for. If all your competitors are ranking for it, why aren’t you?

Unique keywords

Discover your strength over your competitors. Congratulations! Continue to keep your competitors at bay.

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