Recreate is an AI-assisted video creation platform that lets you create social media videos in less than 4 minutes so you can make it a regular part of your marketing strategy. More

Media files are super important in your copies especially when you add an element of video content, it will drastically improve your engagement and conversions.

But creating high-quality video content is expensive, time-consuming, and requires a lot of other resources.

Meet – An AI-Assisted Video Creation Platform that lets you create Social Media videos in less than 4 Minutes!

It is the easiest video maker that you will need for all your social media marketing needs.

It is not just any other video maker but an AI-assisted with multiple elements included to make it look like a real video.

Keep reading below to learn more about Recreate.

Turn content/link into Video 

We know that starting from a blank slate is difficult.

Recreate help’s you directly convert your articles into compelling social media videos.

Recreate does everything from finding the right images, picking the best music, and even dynamically changing the text so it’s not covering important parts of your visuals.

Integrate high-quality media into your videos 

Recreate gives you access to over 2 million+ royalty-free stock videos, images, and audio files. It aggregates content from multiple stock providers so you can get the most out of one platform.

Customization with Recreate’s AI 

With just a single click Recreate can change the theme of your entire video to match your brand presets.

Everything from color to fonts is customizable.

Pre-made templates 

Choose from Recreate’s collection of 300+ Custom made and professionally designed templates to get started with your professional video.

Get ahead of the competition by creating promo videos that your customers love.

Differentiate your videos from your competitors with colorful texts, animated graphics, and a strong call to action.

The best part? You don’t need any video making experience.

…the potential to use Recreate is endless.