RefMonkey is more than just a referral tool, it represents your brand’s ability to leverage existing customers to create new ones, encapsulated in one easy-to-use system. More

Would you make a purchase without checking other customers’ feedback?

You wouldn’t trust an unfamiliar product or service instantly, without some form of validation, right?

That’s why when a friend tells us how great a product or service is, we are already more likely to make a purchase.

This is what makes referral marketing so powerful. Word-of-mouth can go a long way when it comes to convincing someone to purchase something. And as an entrepreneur, this is exactly what you need. RefMonkey allows you to effortlessly create referral programs that help to scale your business.

RefMonkey is more than just a referral tool, it represents your brand’s ability to leverage existing customers to create new ones, encapsulated in one easy-to-use system.

Let your users do the advertising for you. Set up a SaaS referral program with flexible API integration. Take your marketing strategies to the next level with RefMonkey.

Effortless Referral

You don’t need to experience the struggle of gaining credibility from scratch. Let customers spread the word for you! A successful referral program can revitalize any business’ game plan.

Word-of-mouth creates a ripple effect. When customers turn friends into customers, who go on to turn their friends into customers – the ripple effect represents endless opportunities.

With RefMonkey’s referral program API, you’ll be able to just sit back and let words do the work. Organizing a referral system has never been this easy.

Integrated Referral Program

If you’re already busy managing every aspect of your business, you can’t afford the money, time, or effort needed to add a complex and expensive tool to your marketing efforts.

What you need is RefMonkey. A simple and easy SaaS tool, designed to let you integrate a referral program into your product or service in a cost-efficient manner.

Seamless Integration

RefMonkey provides everything you need. From allowing you to track customer loyalty and reward users who share your brand, to embedding lightweight scripts that keep your site running fast.

It is fully automated, rewards are created based on rules predetermined by you. There’s no need for manual entry, so you only need to “set it and forget it”.

With RefMonkey’s powerful API, you can build exactly what you need – with a flexible and predictable API organized around RESTful Web Services, to facilitate seamless integration.

Branded affiliate dashboard

Where your brand’s affiliates can monitor their stats and share referral links from their own private dashboard. RefMonkey allows you to create customizable referral links. This provides unique referral links for individual users to share.

It is a user-centered tool that offers two-sided rewards. With RefMonkey, you can reward both your advocates for referring sales and their friends for signing up – with cash, discounts or credits.

Perhaps most importantly, RefMonkey has inbuilt fraud protection. This protects you from users who might try to take advantage of your referral program.

Are you really still wondering how to maximize your reach and enhance your marketing efforts?

Pushing growth for your business does not have to be so hard. Sometimes, all you need is the right marketing tool to streamline your brand’s journey to success.

Try out RefMonkey and see your business grow through word of mouth marketing.