Remoty helps teams and individuals to track tasks, manage payroll and generate invoices in a lighter, simpler way. More

Tracking the billable hours of your team members can be really difficult — especially when you have a remote team!

Remoty is the solution to this problem! It is a lightweight and intuitive task-tracking tool that will make your life much easier.

While using simple commands the team members will be able to check in and out against each assigned task, which will be logged by it in order to calculate the total time spent by each member on each task.

This is an easy-to-use, lightweight, and intuitive task tracker

You can see the details and manage your tasks either from the manage tasks section of Remoty’s dashboard or from the home tab of your slack’s workspace.

You can create tasks in a single tap as soon as it pops up in your mind and also assign them on the go to your team members.

To get the total billable working hours of your team or any specific team member, all you need to do is access Remoty’s in-Slack dashboard to export the timesheets and the payrolls of your team.

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