We provide a unique link which you can add to your invoice or thank you mail. When a client’s click on the link we ask them for the rating. A simple click. More

Did you know that 70% of clients will be ready to provide a review for a business when asked?

ReviewHornet.comΒ does that ask.

In this offer we are only offering our most popular review tool, the ‘GROW REVIEW’ tool. With it, you can send a request for review to your clients.

We first get a rating from the clients, if the rating is good we push them to provide the reviews on Google Review or any other mediums. If the rating is not that good, clients clients can provide feedback for improvement.

Here are some of the features:

  • Can send review requests by using a link or directly from our standard email template.
  • Can send requests by SMS. Mobile compatible.
  • Can integrate the review process to your invoices or your thank you email.
  • We don’t completely gate the review process.
  • You can change the medium you would like to get reviews on.
  • Get instant notifications.
  • Review page is customizable.
  • Ideal for marketers serving small businesses.

Why is our product crucial if you are or serve small business?

  • Reviews is one of the most important ranking parameters when it comes to local SEO(Google Map Search).
  • 87% of customers would read a review before using a service.
  • Ratings and regularity of ratings are one of the most important measurements when selecting a business.
  • 48% of consumers won’t use a business with fewer than 4 stars.