It is a mobile app with therapist-approved exercises, and on-demand access to help users deal with panic attacks and anxiety. More

Rootd provides relief from the debilitating effects of panic attacks and anxiety.

This support is available in users’ pockets anytime, anywhere – including in moments when other valuable resources such as counseling are not.

Rootd helps users feel brave enough to return to school or work, depend less on their partners, feel less isolated, and reclaim the amazing potential in their lives.

Relief when you need

Activate the Rootr with the press of a big red button. The Rootr will help you either face a panic attack head-on, or find comfort as quickly as possible.


Find some peace of mind by learning about where anxiety comes from, how our bodies and minds experience panic attacks, and why they might be happening to you.

Short Term Lessons

Learn changes you can make in the short term that provide relief, manage heightened anxiety, and instil a calm mind.

Long Term Lessons

The ultimate goal is to permanently change our relationship with anxiety, and live panic-attack free. These long term lessons guide us through the remainder of the journey.

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