Save 10% Marketing Budget From Getting Wasted. RubianForm shows you the location and distance of the target and real customers from your location on interactive maps. More

Online campaigns are often inefficient and waste a lot of money due to poor targeting.

RubianForm shows you the location of the target and real customers on interactive maps.

It will help you ignore the unnecessary location of online targeting which will save a lot of money from getting wasted. It also shows how far they are from your location.

It helps you collect valuable leads which will help you create lookalike audiences.

These pieces of information will help you make very critical business decisions.

  • Geolocation of Customers
  • Average, Maximum Distance of the Customer
  • Your Defined Range
  • Spread Of The Customers
  • Interest Of The Customers
  • Export Into CSV Format
  • Date & Time Of Entry
  • Lead

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