Saalz is a simple but powerful CRM which gives the users lots of flexibility and great features like automatic or manual enrichment. More

Most businesses spend too much time to generate qualified leads and don’t know how to generate more.

Even worse, when they finally got enough, they forget important follow-ups and get confused between all existing leads.

As a result, they are losing money.

Saalz is a platform that helps you manage effectively contacts, leads and help businesses to find all important information’s on the perfect person to contact in a company by enriching data like direct phone numbers, professional nominative emails, and many more information.

Feature highlights by Saalz

  • Prospect, contact, and company management.
  • Prospect, contact and company enrichment (Find phone, email etc…)
  • History of exchanges (notes, emails, activities).
  • Activity reminder notifications.
  • Bulk enrichment (enrich hundreds of contacts with a single click).
  • Opportunity management (list and Kanban view).
  • Opportunity deadline notifications.
  • Customizable pipelines.
  • Multiple pipeline.
  • Task list (Gather in one place all the next activities you have to do).
  • Daily notification of tasks to do (by email).
  • Customized sections and fields.
  • Visibility management (Define who can see or not data).
  • Powerful import feature.
  • Duplicate detection.
  • Timeline (gather all notes, activities, mail received / sent in a single place).

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